Get Unstuck With BME

Experience a refreshing approach to career change with social activities to get you out of your head and connected to people who will power your next move.

We are here to crush barriers for career changers.

The hard truth is that we follow outdated rules and assumptions that undermine our career potential while coaches and mentors are often out of reach.

That's why we bring you imaginative problem-solving that reliably produces creative answers for your career. We do this as a shared learning community so we all rise together. And finally, we make it all within reach for $19/month.

What sets Best Monday Ever apart is our unconventional approach to getting you unstuck and inviting serendipity into your career.

We make a shift from outdated career-planning to a more reliable and rewarding practice of career-discovery. We do this with an iterative, test-and-learn practice called Looping Method.

When you join BME, you will learn how to use the four Looping steps to overcome anxiety and limiting beliefs so you can explore new pathways and break into new opportunities.

Every week, we release refreshingly fun career tools and lessons while answering your questions in the BME community. Here's what that looks like:

+ Access a Learning Lab full of unconventional resources (preview below).

+ Connect with BME Guides who help match resources to your needs.

+ Learn a powerful test-and-learn method to discover your next move.

+ Follow step-by-step courses to tackle your challenges and reveal new opportunities.

+ Use our Plus One approach to pair up with members and complete activities.

+ Enjoy weekly livestream sessions to chat with the BME founder and guest experts.

+ Receive highlights from weekly new content direct to your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have anything figured out before I join BME?
Not at all! If you don't know what you want next, then you are in good company. Most members join feeling stuck knowing they need to make a change, but unsure of where to go next. We have content and courses to help you surface inspirations and explore new directions.
What is the time commitment as a member?
You can drop-in, learn, ask questions, and complete courses at a pace that fits your need and lifestyle. The duration for a career change varies greatly and you may have inconsistent time to dedicate to your change. That's why we created a low cost, monthly membership to meet you where you are.
What should I expect when I sign up?
You will be directed to your Learning Lab where you will be introduced to the resources available to you and how to join the BME community.
What if I can't attend a livestream session?
Not to worry! Livestream sessions are recorded and available in your Learning Lab where you can view and then ask questions in the BME community.
What if I need to cancel my membership?
You can manage this request from inside your Learning Lab. When then next billing cycle arrives you will not be billed and you will no longer have access to your Learning Lab and the BME community.
How can I get in touch with you before becoming a member?
You can find us on Instagram (@bestmondayever) where you can send a direct message.