Everything you need to design a career you love.

Best Monday Ever is a community for people who give a damn about meaningful work.

Let's be honest. Career-ing is hard. Our path is often unclear and we self-sabotage our best efforts. The truth is, bold career moves require unconventional strategies and a strong support network. That's what we do here.

Wherever you may be starting from, you don't have to struggle to figure out your next steps.


Win At Making Bold Career Moves

Close Your Gaps

Get unstuck and close your career gaps with friendly guides in our Slack community and through online and offline meetups.

Master A Proven Process

Follow a step-by-step guide to use the power of small experiments to design your career.

Go Further Together

We take a collaborative approach to stay motivated and help one another become the best version of ourselves.

"Spencer created the structure and excitement for this whole group of people to find the tangible next steps in their careers and help their peers along too. His energy is palpable and infectious. He walked us through while letting us guide ourselves."

- Caroline T.

How It Works

You will use a unique four-step process, called Looping, to help you clarify what you want and create a strategy to make it happen.

Step 1. Clarify

Use fun exercises to reflect on what you want and what obstacles are in the way. Then pick an accountability framework to set yourself up for success.

Step 2. Create

You design a small experiment, or select one from our library, to solve your challenge in a way that makes you excited to level-up your career.

Step 3. Connect

You share what you create in a way that invites authentic connections so that the right people can help you make your career goals happen.

Step 4. Reflect & Refine

Finally, you reflect on what you learned to then clarify a new challenge and build upon your momentum toward the career you want.

"Spencer always seems to know the right questions to ask - the ones that’ll get you thinking in a different way or considering an entirely new possibility. His approach leaves me in the driver’s seat, enabling and empowering me to discover and achieve my professional goals at my own pace."

- Daniel W.

Design Your Career

  • Discover work you get excited about
  • Build your mission and craft your personal pitch
  • Find companies aligned with the impact you want to make
  • Prototype new careers before taking big leaps
  • Make financial constraints work for you, not against you
  • Level-up in the role you have or in the new company you join
  • How to get in the door when more than half of all jobs are never posted
  • Have fun while getting out of your head and taking action

"Spencer's enthusiasm for new ideas is infectious and motivating. Brainstorming with him brings out so many unique ideas that are actionable. Spencer has a real gift for helping me recognize that my goals are achievable and my problems can be overcome, while also helping me visualize the road map to get me there."

- Matt S

Think more creatively, do meaningful work, and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course or a club or a career accelerator?
All three my friend. As a member you access a step-by-step monthly course that evolves to meet your changing journey. You join a growing club of people who give a damn about meaningful work and who band together to accelerate member's careers.
Is this right for me if I want to make a change inside my company?
Come on in! We're glad you want to grow with a company you love. We're here to help you build new skills to better serve the role you have or to move into a new role.
How much does this cost?
Best Monday Ever is currently free for everyone on the waitlist. In the future, there may be a small one-time membership.
I don't live in Austin, can I still join?
Yes! You get all the member benefits with the exception of live workshops for the Austin community. Soon we will launch a way for you to start Best Monday Ever communities in your city.
Who is this Spencer guy?
Best Monday Ever was started by Spencer Ingram to make career wayfinding fun, imaginative, and crazy affordable. Learn more on our About page.