Ep. 4 - Scared Stiff

About This Drill

Making bold career change can be full of fears, vulnerability, and limiting beliefs. These voices have considerable power over us, especially considering negative lived experiences.

You may be avoiding something you truly care about because of self-perception barriers or what others have imposed on you. 

What are you holding back from fear of judgement or failure? Achieving something important and meaningful requires taking power away from these voices and putting that power into your own courage. Shared Stiff is a drill to flip that power.

Scared Stiff is a collaboration between Best Monday Ever and Dorothy Mankey; Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and owner of Coreisma Consulting.

Get Started

Use the link below to download you printable PDF worksheet.

Watch the video above where Dorothy and Spencer walk you through the Scare Stiff drill. You will see Spencer apply this drill in real time to his own work at BME while Dorothy introduces questions to help you work through your own challenges.

Access Supplemental Instructions

You can find the complete, print-ready instructions in this google doc as a supplement to the video guide. You are invited to make comments directly on this doc to help us add clarity.

Instructor Slides

The link below will download a PDF of the slides worksheets as a visual for instructors.

Resources Mentioned In This Lesson (links coming soon)

+ Superpowers

+ Alter Ego

+ Headlines

+ New Biz Card

+ Jedi Council

+ Smallify

+ Aha Haha

Scared Stiff Slides.pdf