We are on a mission to bring smarter careering to more people.

We believe the way to win is by helping others win. Generosity has compounding interest.

We believe in curiosity before passion. Passion can place a lot of undue pressure on ourselves. Cultivate curiosity and stay open to new possibilities.

We believe making things matters most. We now have unprecedented access to tools for learning, making, and sharing to create value and invite serendipity into our journey.

We believe in small wins. We have a bias for action to get small wins that build momentum and excitement to level-up your career.

We believe in having stupid amounts of fun. Looping is about replacing stress and anxiety with optimism and play. When it's fun, you do more of it. And when it's fun you can be your best self.

Looping Origins

Howdy, I'm Spencer. In 2012 I co-founded HackCville as an learn-by-doing, ruckus-making, member-led career accelerator.

HackCville helps students design small projects to follow their curiosity and cultivate a mindset for resourceful, self-directed learning. It was here that Looping first started taking shape.

In house across from the University of Virginia, we continuously experimented with ways to help hundreds of students get unstuck. By melding elements of positive psychology with project-based learning, we landed on a mindset and method that promoted self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and storytelling.

Following HackCville, I used the same approach to unleash the big potential in nurse innovators and change agents working on challenging social problems around the globe.

Today, we combine insights from the fast changing world or work with the latest in motivation and happiness research to build tools that tap self-expression, experimentation, and purpose to drive career success.

The future of work is more fluid than ever. You can’t win with old thinking. Come learn refreshingly fun tactics to conquer uncertainty and get more of what you want from your career.