The Mission

Share unconventional strategies to design a career you love in a way that is fun, social, and crazy affordable.

The Vision

Give people the tools, content, and format to organize communities in cities across the country so that leading meaningful careers is something we can all succeed at.

What We Believe

Every Member Is a Guide: The way to win is by helping others win. Full stop. Your generosity has compounding interest.

Making Things Matters Most :  We now live in a creator economy where showing work is valued and invites serendipity into our journey.

Curiosity Before Passion: Passion can place a lot of undue pressure on ourselves. Cultivate your curiosity and stay open to new possibilities.

Aim for Small Wins: We have a bias for action to help you get small wins that build momentum and make you excited to level-up your career.

Have stupid amounts of fun:  Best Monday Ever is a place where you can be your best self.

A Letter From The Founder

Let me say this upfront; Best Monday Ever is not for everyone.

The tactics you will learn here will challenge you and push your comfort zone. Things worth doing take guts and persistence.

For the last decade, I’ve used design practices to unlock the potential in enterprising students, employee innovators, and impact entrepreneurs around the globe. I’ve witnessed people defeat their limiting beliefs to become the best version of themselves and achieve more than they imagined.

Today, I'm bringing those design practices to the art of crafting a meaningful career.

People consistently tell me they feel a little embarrassed not knowing what to do about their career. We've all been there. We've felt lost. We've felt bored. We've felt frustrated.

I get stuck too. I overthink things. I have self-doubts. The highs still come with lows and doing more of what I dig means doing a few things I don’t.

I started Best Monday Ever because careers can be hard to navigate. But we don't have to struggle. I am continuously designing my career and I invite you to learn the unconventional tactics that make the journey fun and exciting.

Now go win at work.

- Spencer ingram

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